Sometimes It’s Not What You Know But Who You Know



Allen Cripps
Mortgage Broker
Tel: 705-878-3737
Cell: 705-878-3111
Fax: 705-878-4225
261 Kent St. West,
Lindsay, ON. K9V 2Z3

Merlynn Mullen
Mortgage Broker
Tel: 705-328-4985
Cell: 905-289-1010
Fax: 289-485-1016
175 North St.
Port Perry, ON L9L 1A7



 Robert J. Nagel
18 York St. S.
Lindsay, Ontario K9V 3A2
Phone: 705-328-2727Fax: 705-328-2770

Leonard S. Siegel
11 Adelaide St. N.
PO Box 997, Stn. Main
Lindsay, Ontario K9V 5N4
Phone: 705-878-7990 Ext: 202
Fax: 705-878-7992

Staples & Swain
10 William St. S.,
Lindsay, ON  K9V 3A4
Phone: 705-324-6222
Fax: 705-324-4168

David J. Gowanlock
16 May St., PO Box 607
Fenelon Falls, Ontario K0M 1N0
Phone: 705-887-2582
Fax: 705-887-1871


Home Inspectors

Eric McFadden
Reliance Home Inspection Services
Bus: 705-328-9169
Toll Free: 1-800-433-4031

John Joyce & Reg Deck – AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service
Phone: 888-881-8896

Steven Spencer
All Systems Home Inspection
Bus: 705-928-5795
T.F.: 855-218-5795

Home Insurance

Stewart Morrison Insurance
158 Lindsay Street South
PO Box 298 K9V 4S1
Toll Free 1-800-811-5841

Brown & Brethour Insurance Brokers Ltd.
131 River Street,
Sunderland, ON  L0C 1H0
Toll Free: 1-800-461-1468
Local calls: 705-357-3916
Fax: 705-357-2370

Frost Whetter Oaklin Insurance Brokers
66 William St. N.,
Lindsay, ON  K9V 4A2
Tel: 705-324-0033
Toll Free: 1-800-796-0496
Fax: 705-324-5321


Drafting & Design

Mark Barnetson
Residential Home Designs
196 McLaughlin Rd,
Lindsay ON, K9V 6L1
Bus: 705-328-1838

Glen Harris
2396 Elm Tree Rd.,
Cambray, ON, K0M 1E0
Bus: 705-374-4067

Rob Barrow – Veracity Ltd. – Design Build Consultan
Phone: 705-878-2720



Luke Sheridan
Sheridan Heating & Air Conditioning
228 Windmere Road,
Woodville, ON K0M 2T0
Bus: 705-879-7122


David Holliday & Don Brown
Mariposa Electric
11 Commerce Rd
Lindsay, ON  K9V 5Y3
Don: 705-878-3717
David: 705-786-3616

Wyatt Electric
Phone: 705-887-2443


Scott Lovely
Bus: 705-928-2629

Wade Reeds
Bus: 705-878-8889

Dave Farr
Farr Construction
948 Eldon Rd.,
Oakwood, ON
Bus: 705-953-9123


Windows & Siding

John Hennekam
Hennekam-Carroll Ltd
205 St. George St.
Lindsay, ON  K9V 5Z9
Bus: 705-878-5080


Harris Roofing
152 Snug Harbour Rd.
Lindsay, ON  K9V 1B3
Bus: 705-328-3051

JMC Roofing – Josh McNaney
Phone: 705-340-3220



John Sims Concrete
Bus: 705-324-1818

Excavating & Disposal Services

Ken Redmond
Excavating, Disposal Services & Portable Storage Units
Little Britain, ON
Bus: 705-786-1234
Cell: 705-328-5226

Ed Devos
Oakwood, ON
Bus: 705-879-7986



Bob Howe Landscaping
Bus: 705-328-4016


Rockwood Forest Nurseries
437 Mark Rd,
Cameron, ON K0M 1G0
Bus: 705-374-4700

Hill’s Florist & Greenhouses
182 Lindsay St S,
Lindsay, ON K9V 2N3
Bus: 705-324-2412

Twine & Twigg
1-232 Kent St W,
Lindsay, ON K9V 6A4
Bus: 705-878-1276

Garry’s Garden Gallery
5 Commerce Rd,
Lindsay, ON K9V 5Y3
Bus: 705-324-9574



G Hart & Sons Well Drilling Ltd
Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0
Bus: 1-888-887-3331

Gary Eades Well Drilling
Bus: 705-374-5480


Water Softeners

Water Depot
Jeremy Plaunt
429 Kent Street West
Lindsay, ON K9V 6L6
Bus: 705-878-0707
Fax: 705-878-9854

Jackson Water Conditioning Ltd
Blaine Harris
554 Woodville Road,
Woodville, ON K0M 2T0
Phone: 705-439-2589
Toll Free: 1-800-721-4921


Septic Services

Armstrong Transport
RR#1, Oakwood, Ontario
Phone: (705) 340-2081

Jeff Redmond Septic Service
RR#2,  Lindsay, Ontario
Bus: (705) 324-9617



Scott Benson
Benson Plumbing
7 Sylvester Drive
Lindsay, Ontario
Bus: (705) 324-3650

Greg Archer
Archer Plumbing Services
Woodville, ON
Bus: 705-439-1590



Coe, Fisher, Cameron
257 Kent Street West
Lindsay, Ontario
Bus: (705) 324-4152

Grander HF Co. Ltd.
1575 Hwy 7A Port Perry, Ontario
Bus: (905) 985-3600


Moving Companies

Lindsay Movers & Storage
Ted, Gwen & Ron Fanning
15 Pigeon Lake Road
Lindsay, Ontario
Bus: (705) 324-5431
Toll: (800) 651-2943
Fax: (705) 324-3338

Tree Removal Services

Kearns Tree Service
Phone: 705-308-1135


 M.C. Tree Service
Phone: 705-439-4183

Elementary Schools

 Archie Stouffer Elementary School
Box 370, 12 Vintage Cres., Minden, ON, K0M 2K0
Traci Hubbert, Principal | Anne Grant, Vice Principal | Gary Brohman, Trustee
Telephone: 705.286.1921
Fax: 705.286.6937

Bobcaygeon Public School
30 Balaclava St., Bobcaygeon, ON, K0M 1A0
Jane Austin, Principal | Aaron Jermyn, (Acting) Vice Principal | John Byrne, Trustee
Telephone: 705.738.5105
Fax: 705.738.2128

Central Senior School
242 Kent St., Lindsay, ON, K9V 2Z4
Heather Cockburn, Principal | Deb Northey, Vice-Principal | Judith Hayes, Trustee
Telephone: 705.324.4352
Fax: 705.324.9629

Dr. George Hall Public School
Box 10, 374 Eldon Rd., Little Britain, ON, K0M 2C0
Nora Leeder, Principal | Darla McQuarrie, (Acting) Vice-Principal | Don Alton, Trustee
Telephone: 705.786.1915
Fax: 705.786.1976

Dunsford District Elecmentary School
33 Dunsford Rd. RR#2, Dunsford, ON, K0M 1L0
Darin Parish, Principal | Judy Saunders, Trustee
Telephone: 705.793.2088
Fax: 705.793.2314

Fenelon Township Public School
50 Cameron Rd., RR#1, Cameron, ON, K0M 1G0
Juli Harris-Rensink, Principal | Judith Hayes, Trustee
Telephone: 705.359.1366
Fax: 705.359.1843

Grandview Public School
698 Highway 7A, RR#1, Bethany, ON, L0A 1A0
Erich Remisch, Principal | Susan Bianconi, Vice-Principal | Karen Round, Trustee
Telephone: 705.277.2322
Fax: 705.277.1844

Heritage Christian School
159 Colborne St. W., Lindsay, ON, K9V 5Z8
Kim Bolton, Principal
Telephone: 705.324.8363
Fax: 705.324.8372

J. Douglas Hodgson Elementary School
1020 Grass Lake Road, Haliburton, ON, K0M 1S0
Elaine Fournier, Principal | Peter Ferri, Vice-Principal | Gary Brohman, Trustee
Telephone: 705.457.2922
Fax: 705.457.4082

Jack Callaghan Public School
5 Tracey’s Hill Road, RR#5, Lindsay, ON, K9V 4R5
Maxine Jordan, Principal | Karen Round, Trustee
Telephone: 705.324.9931
Fax: 705.324.8080

King Albert Public School
49 Glenelg Street West, Lindsay, ON, K9V 2T9
Mary Handley, Principal | Karen Round, Trustee
Telephone: 705.324.3702
Fax: 705.324.5434

Lady Eaton Elementary School
Box 190, 17 James Street, Omemee, ON, K0L 2W0
Jake Dobson, Principal | Judy Saunders, Trustee
Telephone: 705.799-5292
Fax: 705.799-7928

Lady MacKenzie Public School
1746 Kirkfield Road, Kirkfield, ON, K0M 2B0
Jamie Stone, Principal | Helen Scissons (Acting) Vice-Principal | Don Alton, Trustee
Telephone: 705.438.3371
Fax: 705.438.3766

Langton Public School
Box 520, 35 Wychwood Crescent, Fenelon Falls, ON, K0M 1N0
Joan Harpell, Principal | Tischa Hetherington, Vice-Principal | John Byrne, Trustee
Telephone: 705.887.2001
Fax: 705.887.5311

Leslie Frost Public School
51 Angeline Street South, Lindsay, ON, K9V 3L1
Linda O’Leary, Principal | Cheryl Medhurst, Vice-Principal | Judith Hayes, Trustee
Telephone: 705.324.5602
Fax: 705.324.7222

Mariposa Elementary School
755 Eldon Road, RR#2, Oakwood, ON, K0M 2M0
Steven Roffe, Principal | Anne Finlay, Vice-Principal | Don Alton, Trustee
Telephone: 705.953.9740
Fax: 705.953.9860

Parkview Public School
133 Adelaide Street North, Lindsay, ON, K9V 4M2
Amy Alfredsson, Principal | Maxine Jordan, (Acting) Vice Principal | Judith Hayes, Trustee
Telephone: 705.324.4558
Fax: 705.324.8944

Pope John Paul II Catholic Elementary School
130 Orchard Park Road, Lindsay, ON, K9V 5K1
Phone: 705.324.7445
Fax: 705.324.1104

Queen Victoria Public School
11 John Street, Lindsay, ON, K9V 1J3
Wendy Brown, Principal | Karen Round, Trustee
Telephone: 705.324.3162
Fax: 705.324.1066

Ridgewood Public School
PO Box 89, 6763 Highway 35, Coboconk, ON, K0M 1K0
Greg Arkwright, Principal | John Byrne, Trustee
Telephone: 705.454.3351
Fax: 705.454.8985

Rolling Hills Public School
694 Highway 7A / Hwy 35, RR#1, Bethany, ON, L0A 1A0
Sheila Shauf, Principal | Karen Round, Trustee
Telephone: 705.277.9515
Fax: 705.277.9516

Scott Young Public School
PO Box 328, 27 Walnut Street, Omemee, ON, K0L 2W0
Robert Murray, Principal | Judy Saunders, Trustee
Telephone: 705.799.5133
Fax: 705.799.5154

St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School
320 Mary Street West, Lindsay, ON, K9V 5X5
Phone: 705.878.3660
Fax: 705.878.1086

St. John Catholic Elementary School
1047 Portage Rd (County Rd48), Kirkfield, ON, K0M 2B0
Phone: 705.438.3181
Fax: 705.438.1790

St. Luke Catholic Elementary School
335 St. Luke’s Road, Lindsay, ON, K9V 4R5
Phone: 705.799.5265
Fax: 705.799.0583

St. Mary Catholic Elementary School
16 St. Lawrence Street, Lindsay, ON, K9V 2J8
Phone: 705.324.3113
Fax: 705.324.154

Stuart W. Baker Elementary School
1080 Grass Lake Road, PO Box 599, Haliburton, ON, K0M 1S0
Andrea Borysiuk, Principal | Gary Brohman, Trustee
Telephone: 705.457.1342
Fax: 705.457.9767

Woodville Elementary School
PO Box 39, 109 Nappadale Street, Woodville, ON, K0M 2T0
Ana Mena, Principal | Don Alton, Trustee
Telephone: 705.439.2427
Fax: 705.439.2577

Secondary Schools

Fenelon Falls Secondary School

PO Box 460, 66 Lindsay Street, Fenelon Falls, ON, K0M 1N0
Katherine MacIver, Principal | Don Alton and John Byrne, Trustees
Telephone: 705.887.2018
Fax: 705.887.9588

Haliburton Highlands Secondary School
5358 County Road 21, Haliburton, ON,  K0M 1S0
Dan Marsden, Principal | Irv Sternberg, Vice-Principal | Gary Brohman, Trustee
Telephone: 705.457.2950
Fax: 705.457.4026

I.E. Weldon Secondary School
24 Weldon Road, Lindsay, ON, K9V 4R4
Mark Cossarin, Principal | Karen Round and Judy Saunders, Trustees
Telephone: 705.324.3585
Fax: 705.878.3685

Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute
260 Kent Street West, Lindsay, ON, K9V 2Z5
Chris Schweitzer, Principal | Don Alton and Judith Hayes, Trustees
Telephone: 705.324.3556
Fax: 705.878.3684

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
260 Angeline Street South, Lindsay, ON, K9V 4R2
Phone: 705.878.4117
Fax: 705.878.4059

Adult Education Centres

Lindsay Adult Education and Training Centre

230 Angeline Street South, Lindsay, ON, K9V 4R2
Anne Cooper, (Acting Principal) | Judith Hayes, Karen Round and Judy Saunders, Trustee
Telephone: 705.324.5280
Fax: 705.324.9773

Fenelon Adult Education and Training Centre
21 Market Street, Fenelon Falls, ON, K0M 1N0
Anne Cooper, (Acting Principal) | Don Alton and John Byrne, Trustees
Telephone: 705.887.3083
Fax: 705.887.1922

Virtual Learning Centre
Peter Warren, Principal
Telephone: 705.328.2925
Fax: 705.878.8891

Haliburton Adult Education and Training Centre
PO Box 1199, Haliburton, ON, K0M 1S0
Anne Cooper, (Acting Principal) | Gary Brohman, Trustee
Telephone: 705.457.3745
Fax: 705.457.4037

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